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It's not just a name, it's a promise!t

Since 2005, Josh Skehan Productions has been a respected leader in professional event, corporate and promotional video production in Scottsdale, Arizona and around the world. We're a local family-owned company internationally recognized for our video services but you'll soon see that it's our passion for people, our entrepreneurial spirit, and our professionalism that sets us apart. While providing 5-star rated video production and photography, we now also offer the most progressive delivery methods for your projects. All of this, while our competitive rates and customizable packages provide you with flexibility to maximize your budget for your next video or photography objectives. It's simple really, we're on a mission to provide you with the most professional looking digital media and deliver real value. So, join the growing list of families, entrepreneurs, small businesses, corporations, and governments that rely on Josh Skehan Productions for their video production and photography needs. You'll see why we say

"it's not just a name, it's a promise!t


"Josh and his team are always a pleasure to work with. Their professionalism and know-how go a long way toward reassuring our clients that we'll deliver a top-notch video in the end. He is an excellent shooter with incredible technical skill. I can confidently say that Josh is a stellar team player with great creative instincts. Our firm has done some truly excellent video work in collaborations with Josh Skehan. Josh is an expert at producing video as the foundation for content strategy & marketing. He already has an impressive portfolio that includes businesses of all size. I recommend Josh to all of my clients and colleagues."


Andrew S. - Oracle NetSuite

*Steve is completely blind and an incredible motivational speaker and author. Feel free to ask us how we pioneered video accessibility for the hearing and visually impaired.


Josh Skehan Productions is one of the most sought-after event video production companies in the world. We provide seasoned videographers and production crews for private events of 50 to large scale conferences and tradeshows with 10,000 or more attendees. We serve everyone, from families,  to global and governmental organizations, like Indeed, Autodesk, Microsoft, the USDA and more. Moreover, we're trusted to deliver the captured content as raw footage or help our Clients monetize the content captured at these events by producing polished highlight videos, promotional videos, and in-depth training video libraries. 


Josh Skehan Productions works with C-level, VP's, Marketing Directors and the rest of your team to deliver highly effective videos that adhere to your vision and branding. Our videos are proven to create a return on investment, generate demand, and accelerate growth for a variety of markets. Rest easy knowing our work is backed by 18+ years of experience in many industries, including additive manufacturing, financial, healthcare, and IT. Whether your video content is instructional or promotional, trust a video production company with proven experienceand reputation to deliver mission-critical video content. 


Above and beyond our 18+ years of internationally recognized video productions for events and promotional media, Josh Skehan Productions has also established itself as a profound leader in the space of producing training content. And now, in the post-2020 era, we ensure maximum accesibility, functionality, security, and monetization of that content for our Clients by providing them with customized viewing and distribution options to meet their organizations needs. 


Josh Skehan Productions produces affordable TV commercials and provides professional electronic news gathering (ENG) style video production crews for National television and local programming. All TV commercials are produced and delivered according to your organization's branding guidelines and network programming standards. 


Josh Skehan Productions delivers awe-inspiring 4K aerial video and photography. We are FAA Part 107 licensed remote sUAS pilots with proper liability insurance, years of experience, and a gifted passion for delivering crisp and creative aerial video footage. We can produce your aerial video as a stand-alone product or for inclusion in our other commercial and promotional video offerings, all with the utmost safety in mind. 

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