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The environment in which we live and work is very different. Thankfully, Josh Skehan Productions has been working remotely and incorporating progressive technologies since our inception, which means we're uniquely situated to produce your videos using previously unconventional methods and deliver them using the most advanced delivery options available. We will produce your events, testimonials, promotional videos, and training videos, and we can produce them remotely if need be; then deliver them to your viewers virtually in an immersive branded digital experience with delivery preferences and enhanced security protocols. Whatever video you have in mind, we can produce it and deliver it in ways never thought possible. Let us show you how!


"I worked with Josh for multiple shoots over a few months. His work was very professional and he captured everything I asked for. The part that stood out to me was his customer service. He always returned emails/calls promptly and was very nice and easy to talk to. When I asked for an extra service (I needed the raw footage right away) he said no problem and it was taken care of. He really was a delight to work with and I highly recommend him."


Dana J. - Coldwell Banker NRT


DVD's and thumbdrives have long been a dying medium. The cloud has been around for a while and it's a great way to store and share video files, but until now there have been limitations as to how videos, specifically collections of videos, are presented online; or it has been difficult in the least, requiring expert levels of coding and web design. Not to mention, the events of 2020 have indefinitely changed the way we live, work, learn, and play. This is where Josh Skehan Productions excels. We can produce your video 100% remotely if necessary. This means that we can perform every part of the standard production process with no, or minimial, person-to-person contact. You can view samples below where we've been able to produce full interviews and customer testimonial videos remotely using various audio and video conferencing technologies, and a little creativity. That's great, but what if your project is more complex? Let's say you have a training or onboarding experience that you'd like to switch from in-person to virtual. And let's say you'd like to capture that training, thereby allowing you to replicate the process for future participants, but you still want it to be professionally produced; not just video files captured from the video conferencing software and diseminated in an unorganized and unsecure fashion. Josh Skehan Productions has your solution. We will incorporate your finished videos into a customizable and branded virtual presentation. The presentation has the familiar functions of a DVD, with a main menu, submenus and chapters that can be customized with your branding. Yet, unlike a DVD, this presentation can be emailed to select recipients, allowing you to specify viewing options and security preferences. We understand that many training scenarios include proprietery information and you need to ensure it's only viewed by the intended recipients. This is why our solution includes enhanced security measures including password protection, delivery tracking, embedding permissions and 128-bit SSL encryption. Don't take our word for it. Talk with us to see why organizations like Tech-Clarity, Siemens, Biowash and the USDA rely on Josh Skehan Productions for their remote video productions and virtual online delivery.

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