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Events are back, and Arizona is leading the way...

That's right, we still have to take proper precautions and take care of people, but we also have to get back to work. We still have to spread our message and we still have to network with like minded people to grow ourselves and our businesses. Arizona understands this, and it's already one of the most desired locations for events, which is one reason why events are really picking back up at an incredible pace.

We recently captured interviews and marketing footage for the Clarpahi 2020 conference at the JW Marriot Camelback in Scottsdale, Arizona. It showed a lot of courage for Claraphi to hold their event in these uncertain times, and their courage was rewarded with an outsanding event. Social distancing and other precautions allowed the event to go on without impact to the learning environment and without incident. Moreover, you wouldn't believe all of the comments we received from attendees about how wonderful it felt to meet with their peers and get back to normal. If you've been on the fence about having your event, Claraphi 2020 is proof that you can have a productive event while keeping everyone safe.

While having your event, why not choose the highest-rated video production company to help with your event? Come see why companies from around the world continue to trust Josh Skehan Productions for their event video.

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