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Increasing the ROI of your video productions

It's important to maximize the ROI of your video productions. Because attention span is so short these days, one method we support to increase ROI is to extract snippets from one video to create multiple videos which can address various topics and tap into other markets.

For instance, let's say that you've previously produced a training video, tutorial or instructional video, or any video that's a significant length. And let's say that the video is, or could logically be, broken down into chapters or topics. We can edit that video and export individually labeled video files for each chapter. You now have the option of offering it by the chapter instead of just the one long video. If the video is for sale or subscription you could offer pricing options for the chapters or full version.

Or, let's say you plan to share that video on social media (YouTube, Facebook, etc.) Now you can strategically designate keywords for each chapter or topic, vitalizing your SEO and vastly increasing your viewership, video views, clicks and conversions. We've have used this method many times with our customers' videos and with our own videos. We've also had scenarios where we produced a promotional video that had testimonials in it, and then our customers decided to better monetize those testimonials by creating individual videos for each testimonial. You have to think of it this way - you're not only increasing your ROI by implementing strategies like the ones mentioned above but by this point the video has already been captured. In effect, you're increasing the value of the production costs you already paid to produce the footage, or saving production costs by having one less production to pay for.

Yet, before you run off to enact your new video strategy to increase your ROI, you have to consider the format of your video if you're planning on posting it anywhere, especially social media. Thankfully, we're proficient at exporting videos in virtually any format for social media, websites, devices, and alternative advertisements. Whether you want your video formatted for Facebook, Instagram or other social media, or whether you want your video displayed on a large monitor or jumbotron, we can produce or convert your video for use on virtually any device in a vertical or horizontal display. We'll export your video in common formats or to your exact format specifications and desired dimensions. Check out one of our videos so you can see the difference. We formatted it in standard UHD format for our website and YouTube (3840x2160 16:9), and in a square format for Instagram (1080x1080 1:1). Just realize that the square format will not look correct on this blog, to get the full effect you'll need to watch the actual video that we posted to Instagram. Contact us today to learn more about increasing the ROI of your video production or our video formatting expertise. We look forward to hearing from you!

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