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Is Youtube a good choice for website video?

People often ask me "Should I use YouTube as the video player on my website?" or "Do YouTube videos help with SEO?":

Written by: Josh Skehan | President & Producer, Josh Skehan Productions

Having a video on YouTube and using YouTube as a video player for your website has many benefits. Youtube is usually the fastest and easiest way of putting video on a website.

You can use YouTube to display videos on your site.
Video Production Scottsdale

There are two downsides...First, there is a chance that customers can escape your website. Because the video 'player' belongs to YouTube, it links to YouTube whether you like it or not. They may click to watch it on YouTube and become distracted, which is against the whole idea of having a video on your website. You can avert the loss of some of that attention by creating playlists that can appear as viewing options that a viewer might click on. Or more importantly, create content that keeps your viewer engaged so they don't want to leave! The other downside is that there is a myth that having a YouTube player alone will help your exposure which is not necessarily true.

The primary and most beneficiary contribution to website traffic and SEO ranking is through the process of uploading a video to YouTube with proper keywording and linking back to your site with relevant text content and metadata. The link not only establishes credibility and increases your rankings with search engines but the video itself could likely show up on search results, especially when people are specifically searching for your business or product. We must reiterate how important keywording and text content are when posting a video to YouTube or any other site for that matter. When possible, make sure your post includes a headline, at least one small paragraph about the video, tags, keywords, address, and website link.

Video Production Scottsdale | Josh Skehan Productions
Video Production Scottsdale

A custom video player may be more difficult to implement, but is sometimes necessary in corporate video applications where security, retention, privacy, branding, and other considerations are taken into account. But for a company that's looking to easily build and distribute their video library and viewership YouTube is a highly recommended and free option. Visit our website to see how we use YouTube to display our videos to our customers.

Autodesk Fusion360 Website Using Custom Video Player

Thankfully, Josh Skehan Productions is not only proficient in the production of video for websites, events, corporate and social media, but also in the coding, implementation and distribution process. Contact us today to learn more about video marketing strategies or our highly rated video production and editing services.

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