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Scottsdale Video Production Company Provides Training Video Production and Distribution for the USDA

We recently finished an #amazing #zoomcall, providing #training to market administrators within the USDA. This 2 hour training was just a small part of our entire contract with our #clients to facilitate the #production and #development of a #complex #video #training #series delivered using through a state-of-the-art, #secure, and web-based, design and #distribution #platform.

Providing Training to Market Admins within the USDA
Providing Training to Market Admins within the USDA

We were not only able to demonstrate that the video series will be published and operate correctly, but we trained several administrators to equip them with #proficiency in the #functionality of the platform. One of the administrator trainees said "Thanks Josh! It was a great training #session. Looking forward to the next steps in getting this content published and available –it’s a great #resource and nicely put together (with all your #editing efforts)." Josh Skehan said "You (the market administrators) are some of the smartest and funnest people I've worked with, and it has been truly rewarding to watch this project come to fruition."

Stay tuned in the coming weeks as we will be able to share more info about the USDA's project once it is published. In the meantime, feel free to contact us to learn why government organizations like the USDA trust Josh Skehan Productions with their complex training video #productions.

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