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AZ Manufacturing Company Negotiates Training Video Production by Scottsdale Video Production Company

Out of #respect for our customer, for the fact that we are in the beginning stages of #negotiations, we are not sharing too much information right now. But, we have a #project in the works that we think our followers and potential #customers would love to know about. We are now in talks with an incredible #manufacturing company in #Arizona.

A friend of ours who works there was explaining to us how they are growing quickly and are in dire need of systematic, standardized, and easy-to-distribute #training in many areas of their business, particularly #quality and #foodsafety.

This was the perfect opportunity for us to share with our friend our long history of #producing training #content and #videos for #businesses, from #smallbusiness all the way up to large #government organizations like the #USDA, and how we can deliver those videos using some of the most #advanced methods available.

Next thing you know, we were in a #meeting with the entire #leadership staff at this company and are currently working out details to create a proposed statement of work which would allow us to help them completely update and #automate their training #program with the use of #video. Talk with our President, Josh Skehan, to see what the secret is - why small businesses and some of the largest organizations in the world rely on a small #videoproduction company in #Scottsdale, #Arizona for their training video needs!

Visit our specific webpage on our virtual video productions to learn more about our latest technology and delivery methods!

Josh Skehan Productions

14747 N. Northsight Blvd.

Suite 111-210

Scottsdale, AZ 85260

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